Varsity Wrestling · Varsity Wrestling beats Edwardsburg 37 – 31 to win the Team Districts

31 Edwardsburg High School
37 Niles High School
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Edwardsburg High School vs Niles High School
31 37

189 Tanner Hursh (Edwardsburg HS) over DARIAN SOSA (Niles HS) (Dec 5-3)
215 Dillon Hursh (Edwardsburg HS) over CHASE ANDRES (Niles HS) (Fall 2:24)
285 CAIDEN SMITH (Niles HS) over Carter Pethick (Edwardsburg HS) (Fall 0:23)
103 MICHAEL ROBLES (Niles HS) over Caleb Fielder (Edwardsburg HS) (Fall 1:14)
112 JAMISON ZIMMERMAN (Niles HS) over Andrew Castelucci (Edwardsburg HS) (Fall 1:02)
119 CARSON LANDON (Niles HS) over Nick Eaton (Edwardsburg HS) (Dec 2-0)
125 Dane Wilson (Edwardsburg HS) over JAMES PEGAN (Niles HS) (Dec 7-6)
130 RYAN FRANCO (Niles HS) over Colten Strawderman (Edwardsburg HS) (Fall 1:25)
135 JAVOND BALL (Niles HS) over Austin Peacock (Edwardsburg HS) (MD 16-7)
140 Jackson Hoover (Edwardsburg HS) over SKYLAR MEANS (Niles HS) (MD 12-4)
145 Jacob Reece (Edwardsburg HS) over CONNOR TIBBITTS (Niles HS) (Dec 7-2)
152 KADE WAGLEY (Niles HS) over Jeremy Walker (Edwardsburg HS) (Fall 3:35)
160 Nathan Andrina (Edwardsburg HS) over Unknown (For.)
171 Caden Reece (Edwardsburg HS) over Unknown (For.)
Team Score:

Preliminary Match Niles 64, Sturgis 11

171 Gage Bail (Sturgis HS) over VONDELL GASKILL (Niles HS) (Fall 4:54)
189 DARIAN SOSA (Niles HS) over Unknown (For.)
215 CHASE ANDRES (Niles HS) over Alexis Nievez (Sturgis HS) (Dec 3-1)
285 CAIDEN SMITH (Niles HS) over Julian Alldredge (Sturgis HS) (Fall 1:00)
103 MICHAEL ROBLES (Niles HS) over Unknown (For.)
112 CONNER PICKENS (Niles HS) over Esteban Venegas (Sturgis HS) (Fall 0:13)
119 JAMES PEGAN (Niles HS) over Unknown (For.)
125 CARSON LANDON (Niles HS) over Unknown (For.)
130 RYAN FRANCO (Niles HS) over Kenny Barrera-Garcia (Sturgis HS) (Dec 5-0)
135 JAVOND BALL (Niles HS) over Owen Brewer (Sturgis HS) (MD 12-2)
140 SKYLAR MEANS (Niles HS) over Kenny Munoz (Sturgis HS) (Fall 0:17)
145 KADE WAGLEY (Niles HS) over Unknown (For.)
152 HUNTER FAZI (Niles HS) over Unknown (For.)
160 Jeremy Munoz (Sturgis HS) over IVAN GONZALEZ (Niles HS) (TF 19-2 0:00)
Team Score: