Booster News


Fall is finally here, and the temperatures are starting to feel like it! 
Our Cross Country runners, Men’s Soccer players, Cheerleaders, Women’s golfers, Men’s Tennis players, and Football players don’t need no stinkin’ 90 degree temperatures outside anymore!  I imagine the Volleyball girls are looking forward to the gym being less steamy, as well!
Good luck Fall athletes … work hard, compete with good sportsmanship!!
And, to all of our fans in the stands, THANKS for all of your support of our players!  We have lots of Niles apparel items being sold in our concession stands.  If you need an item of clothing, or an umbrella or a seat cushion.  We can hook you up.  Thanks for supporting our other fundraisers, too.  We would not function as Boosters without fundraisers!
Come hungry to varsity football games – Niles Softball Team is busy grilling good stuff, just inside the gates.  And, of course, for all fall games our concession stands are open with other food items.
See you in the stands!


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